Air Conditioner Maintenance

Genius Aircon provides regular air con maintenance services to guarantee that your AC unit is working at peak performance. Our technicians will carefully check through your air conditioner; this includes cleaning the coils and the air filter.

Cleaning is a vital component of an air conditioner’s maintenance service. You should always arrange to have your AC unit maintained and cleaning twice annually. Not only will an air con produce cooler air when it is clean, it is also healthier for the people sleeping in the room.

We provide air conditioner maintenance services for both wall and ceiling units, as well as for portable air cons.

Besides air conditioner maintenance, we also provide air con repair and air conditioner installation as part of our comprehensive list of services.

Aircon Maintenance:

  • Check and flush the AC condensation water drainage pipe
  • Check and lubricate (if needed) AC fan motor
  • Check AC refrigerant pressure
  • Check AC contractors and relays
  • Check AC capacitors
  • Check AC temperature and pressure
  • Check for loose connections in wiring
  • Noise check

Aircon Cleaning:

  • Clean AC panels
  • Clean AC filters (replace if necessary)
  • Clean AC blower fan
  • Clean AC evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clean AC condensation drain pan

Air Con Maintenance Process


To keep your air conditioner in working condition, regular maintenance is recommended. This helps you avoid having to pay for unnecessary servicing in the future.

Here is some information on what the air conditioner maintenance process is like:

Step 1: After turning off your air conditioner’s main power supply, the air filter will be taken out and washed. It has to be completely dry before it is placed back inside.

Step 2: The next step would be to clean your air conditioner’s condenser, also known as your air conditioner’s outdoor unit. Clear away any leaves or litter that might be blocking airflow and preventing the condenser coil in the unit to function properly. The unit should also be in a level position.

Step 3: Use a soft brush to clean dust from the return air grille and check for any signs of a water leakage.